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Theo's music is uplifting and expansive. It’s complex, yet balanced and pure. It opens doorways and passage ways to my creativity and joy.

JR, fan of Entheo

Theo's music is a bridge to my Higher Mind, the 5th Dimension and beyond. It ushers me away from my ego mind and calms my emotions.

Scarlet, fan of Entheo

“Entheo is the sweet sounds supporting the sprouts that hold the potent potentialities in the glorious process known as rebirth.”

Meredeth, entheo fan

At times I feel deeply lonely, a little depressed and sometimes frustrated. I love putting on an album like Luminescence. It helps me work through whatever difficult feelings I am experiencing that day and get into the flow of my work. And when I am through this, I will be able to enjoy those same pieces of music when feeling more positive.

Jay, Entheo Fan