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Services I Offer

I specialize in music composition & production. 
Contact me to see how I can serve your magic and voice coming into the world.

Custom Music Composition

I Will Produce Original, Unique, High Quality Music for Your Project. 

The right music can uplift a voice a voice and a message to be more powerful, impactful and captivating for the listener. I've been doing this for 10 years and I'm constantly surprised by the music that each individual person and message draws out of me.

Whenever I start a project I always tune into the artist, listen to the project and feel into what IT wants to be. I feel for a vibe that is coherent with the message and vibration of the piece as an entity and go from there. 

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Use Some Music Already Produced 

and I will professionally mix it all together. 

This more affordable option takes less time and draws from the pool of music that I've already created. 

I have over 13 albums of music consisting of many flavors and genres of sound, ranging from 6 to 60 minutes. We can choose the right piece for you and I can mix them together for to  give your message/meditation/poem wings to fly on.

My Services : Studio Services
Listen to Samples Here 
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