About Theo

“When I listen to Theo's music I feel like I'm tapping into the depths of the vast cosmos. There is the sparkle of divine truth and beauty in every note.”  - A Fan

Theo Grace

Theo is a musician, producer, father, husband and community member at the Onedoorland Artist Community in Portland Oregon. Over the last 8 years he has self-produced 9 electronic/ambient albums and 2 solo acoustic albums. Theo's uplifting visionary sound is simple, deep and full of heart. Whether it's a guided meditation, poem, or a spiritual teaching, like Richard Rudd's Seven Sacred Seals his musical contributions open doors to invisible worlds of frequency,  emotion and magic. Over the last 8 years his music has garnered hundreds of thousands of plays across music streaming sites and his intention is to continue releasing art that uplifts the hearts of seekers and inspires spiritual awakening in listeners.



Entheo's ambient music has been called everything from sound healing music, to meditative background music to, birthing music. The rich etherial layers and uplifting tones evolve over long tracks that range anywhere from 8 to 30 minutes so the listener can really sink into in a positive and safe space to do whatever work they need to do, be it healing or creative.

"A unique sound with a very special place in the meditative, sound healing genre." - Entheo Fan



Entheo is also a collaboration between Amma Li and Theo Grace, two lover's creative synergy bringing luscious, heart opening electronic music to the sphere, merging warm vocal beds and catchy guitar melodies with pulsing synths and uplifting pads, Entheo's sound is a gateway into the power of healing electronic music.

"Entheo’s music is uplifting and expansive. It’s complex, yet balanced and pure. It opens doorways to my creativity and joy." - Entheo Fan


Theo has played as an instrumentalist and produced a handful of remixes for other artists, several of his musical contributions resulted in the tracks being the artists more popular songs.